Route 185 Damages from Longwall Mining Subsidence & Subsidence Water Ponding Feb. 28th

Serious Impacts from Longwall Mining at Deer Run Mine

• Longwall Mining will sink more areas along Route 185 and Surrounding Farm Fields.

• Flat farmland sinks unevenly causing major drainage problems affecting crops.

• Longwall Mining causes impacts like a ‘bathtub effect’ with pooling of water.

• Farmers are at the mercy of the mine for recovering compensation for damages.

• Many farm fields will never be back to the flat, efficient farming as before.

• 7,731.8 acres more longwall expansion is pending and will continue damages.

• Deer Run Mine will use 6.18 Acres on the IDNR Conservation Area for air vents and other structures impacting a historic and diminishing state threatened species.

• Billion dollar bankruptcies of coal companies get rid of debt obligations while they continue mining.

• Getting an equitable settlement for the landowner and community is a struggle especially with the prior billion dollar bankruptcy and financial condition of the current owners of Deer Run Mine.

• Montgomery County residents have sacrificed for this longwall mine in many ways: the integrity of farmland, protection of water resources, water and air quality, lost airport, and safety from the high hazard coal slurry structures containing toxic heavy metals which will remain after the mining ends.

Phone the Illinois Department of Natural Resources 217-782-6302 and Land Reclamation Division 217-782-4970 and tell them that enough is enough and make the mine fix what they have already damaged. The Deer Run Mine’s 7,731.8-acre expansion should not be approved.

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