About CALM

Mission Statement

The purpose of Citizens Against Longwall Mining is to oppose the mining of coal using long wall techniques, as well as any other methods that rely on planned subsidence.

Our goal is to preserve the land of central Illinois – its value for production agriculture, and its environmental integrity for generations to come.


Our members include residents of the Hillsboro-Litchfield area, as well  as concerned residents from Montgomery, Macoupin, Fayette, Bond, Clinton and Madison Illinois Counties.

Some of us are farmers whose families have farmed in central Illinois for generations, and others are from a coal mining background. We are all concerned about what will happen if coal companies are allowed to longwall mine underneath our farms, roads, and houses, and the impacts that the Deer Run Mine will have on the health and quality of life of our community.

Our Officers for 2011 include Chairman Catherine Edmiston, Vice Chairman Scott Schluckebier, Treasurer Lee Schraut, and Secretary Karyl Dressen.