Citizens Against Longwall Mining

Deer Run Mine

We are a group of central Illinois residents who have been fighting the Deer Run Coal Mine in Hillsboro, IL since 2004. We are opposed to coal mining practices such as longwall mining that destroy our fertile farmland, as well as coal ash and coal slurry disposal methods that threaten the health of our communities, lands and waters.


Attend a Meeting

We run on the strength of our members, and welcome you to join our efforts.

Our usual meeting time is the
2nd Tuesday of every month
Montgomery County Farm Bureau
102 N Main St # 3
Hillsboro, Illinois


CALM is a registered Not for Profit Corporation in Illinois, meaning that our activities are entirely funded by donations from our members and supporters.  Please consider supporting our ongoing legal challenge to the Deer Run Mine with a financial donation. Though your donation will not be tax deductible, all of it will be used on our legal fees.

Donations may be made payable and sent to:

Citizens Against Longwall Mining
PO Box 274
Hillsboro, Illinois 62049